CHUGPLUG 65 - Portable Power for MacBook Air and 13in MacBook Pro

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  • The world's only seamlessly integrated external battery pack for MacBook
  • Compatible with MacBook Air and 13 inch MacBook Pro
  • For 45 and 60W Apple MagSafe Power Adapters
  • Proprietary Technology with International Patents
Model Number PPWMB65
Title CHUGPLUG 65 - Portable Power for MacBook Air and 13in MacBook Pro
Warranty 1 Year
Brand Lenmar
UPC 29521854718
Unit Weight 1.1
Unit Height 9
Unit Width 2.9
Unit Depth 1.1

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Q: What is the capacity of this battery in MaH? Also why is it not compatible with a 15 inch MacBook Pro? I understand that the 15 inch MacBook Pro charges from a 80w charger but it will accept power from a 45, or 65W charger as well. Also no matter the capacity of the battery it will still theoretically charge the computer a little bit. I'm not asking for a full charge but ever bit helps. So would it actually work with a 15inch MacBook Pro, albeit at a slower rate and giving minimum charge? A: The capacity is 4000mAh. Since the MagSafe adapter is required to connect the ChugPlug to the MacBook Pro 15”, the higher wattage MagSafe is what shuts down the ChugPlug and will not allow it to work properly.
How much mah does this have? Thank you! A: The ChugPlug has: 11.1V / 4000mAh - the unit converts from battery to AC power.

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